August 12 - 18


Tajikistan: Pray for Bible work in this country. It is sometimes very difficult to work here. Pray for funds and necessary expertise so that the Tajik Bible can be revised. Furthermore, pray that modern technology can be harnessed so that Bible stories for children can be accessible for them.

Uzbekistan: Thank God for the first Bible in Uzbek which appeared last year. Pray that it will be possible for us to print sufficient copies in various formats so that we are able to meet the Bible needs of the Uzbekistanis.

Ukraine: Pray for our attempt, in co-operation with the churches, to extend the biblical message of hope and reconciliation to people who are touched by the ongoing conflict in our country. This year is a special Year of the Bible in Ukraine. Pray that it will be possible to provide Scriptures during special events.


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Map Aug 18